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From November 15-20, get ready to unpack many crates that speak the same message: intent before skill. Anyone can create with a purpose-driven mindset and an unwavering passion for what they do. Meet our artists and speakers who embody what it truly means to live creative to the core.

Artists Unpacked

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Anja Javier


ACTM CC Graphic Designer

Anja Javier is a former Ateneo ACTM Vice President for

Creative Communications

(A.Y. 2020-2021), e-Commerce Graphic Design Intern at Zenutrients, and a Creatives Staff in Company of Ateneo Dancers. Currently, she is a 

Lifecycle Marketing Intern at Canva.

Julia Sta. Maria


ACTM CC Motion Graphic Designer

Julia Sta. Maria has been a motion graphic designer who has interned in companies such as Ogilvy and Mathers as well as Cobena Business Analytics & Strategy. She was formerly the AVP of Publications of Blue Symphony Orchestra. She was also offered a Globe internship for her Motion Graphic Design commercial in her MKTG 111 class. Currently, she is doing freelance work for numerous clients.

Matthew Tiongco


ACTM CC Graphic Designer

Matthew Tiongco is a creative director with 4 years of experience who specializes in Photoshop and 3D modelling. He is also a freelance thumbnail designer. 

Workshop Unpacked

Big Idea.png

Zoom Online Workshop

November 20, 2021

2-3 PM

Open to all LS Undergraduate Students!

Speakers Unpacked


Matthew Ilag

Denise Borja



Opening Speaker

AY 2019-2020 ACTM VP for CC

Guest Speaker

Matthew Ilag is the incumbent Vice President for Creative Communications. He created artworks with Keynote throughout his high school life before gaining the confidence to level up in more advanced software with CC. At present, he continues to diversify his creative passion and skillset by creating IMC-grounded promotions, taking up internships, and creating personal art.   

Denise Borja was a BS CTM student who graduated as

Cum Laude in 2020. During her stay in Ateneo ACTM, she became an Associate Vice President for Graphics and Props Production and Vice President for Creative Communications. Currently, she is a full time graphic designer at Serious Studio and a freelance

graphic designer on the side.

Artists Unpacked
Workshop Unpacked
Speakers Unpacked
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