Meet the talented individuals behind our departments and projects.
ACTM is powered by its eight departments and one office. Learn more about our in-house talents below.
The Office of the President exists to set the long-term direction and short-term plans of Ateneo ACTM, while also monitoring and maintaining the excellent status and  reputation of the organization.
Information Management
The Information Management Department exists to disseminate information to the members using the organization’s official communication channels, conduct research and data analysis for the projects and initiatives of the organization, document the different activities, meetings, and events of the organization, and evaluate the members and projects of the organization.
The Finance Department exists to generate funds for the organization’s activities, to regulate and account for the inflow and outflow of cash, and to maintain the good financial status of the organization.
Strategic Communications
The Strategic Communications Department exists to provide strategic management for the core competency of the organization. The department focuses on the training and empowerment of the members so that they may become leaders and movers in the field of Integrated Marketing Communications.
Creative Communications
The Creative Communications Department exists to institute firm and appropriate aesthetic standards for promotions and to provide training activities geared towards the said purpose. The department organizes training activities targeted towards the development of the creative skills of ACTM members concerning the creation of promotional and graphic design materials, may it be digital or tangible.
Project Management
The Project Management Department exists to facilitate the execution and successful implementation of all of the organization’s projects. With Ateneo's systems, processes, and procedures, the department imparts technical knowledge on school policies and project management for the events of the organization.
Corporate Marketing
The Corporate Marketing Department exists to be in charge of all sponsorship and partnership-related matters that involve ACTM and an outside company, organization, or institution. It also develops the communication skills and professionalism of members through active participation or first-hand experiences with potential sponsors and partners.
External Relations
The External Relations Department exists to foster alumni relations and provide members an avenue to extend their Integrated Marketing Communication skills outside ACTM by providing potential career opportunities through the department’s initiatives and the service arm of the organization, MAD (Marketing, Advertising, Design) Concepts by ACTM.
Human Resources
The Human Resources Department exists to develop the individual growth and immersion of members in the organization through honing their leadership potentials and holistic talents, while also fostering collective camaraderie and rapport among its members, through its departmental initiatives and efforts.
Learn more about how ACTM showcases its two-fold nature of home and business through its roster of projects below.
Prepcourse (Preparatory Course) serves as the event for BS CTM freshmen and shiftees to learn about the CTM program. During Prepcourse, the attendees listen to keynote speakers from the JGSOM department, meet their coursemates, and learn about what they can expect from both the CTM program and their home organization, Ateneo ACTM.

Department in-charge: Office of the President
prepcourse grid.png
prepcourse 3.png
Terry Torres
Prepcourse Project Head
prepcourse 2.png
Miguel Fenix
Prepcourse Project Head
Bea Sanchez
Prepcourse Project Head
Welcoming Initiative
The Welcoming Initiative acts as an avenue to celebrate the new school year ahead. ACTM welcomes both new and old members to the organization after Recruitment Week.

​Department In-charge: Human Resources
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welc grid.png
welc 1.png
Leah Pagdilao
Welcoming Initiative 
Project Head
welc 2.png
Reign Campanilla
Welcoming Initiative 

Project Head
welc 3.png
Caitlin Ching
Welcoming Initiative

Project Head
Corporate Social Responsibility
In ACTM, we believe in using IMC to communicate advocacies through our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project. The CSR project puts a chosen advocacy at the forefront and directs how the project is executed.

​Department In-charge: External Relations
CSR 1.png
Trixie Ginete
CSR Project Head
CSR 2.png
Kamille Moreno
CSR Project Head
CSR 3.png
Gillian Lu
CSR Project Head
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Watch out for our Wave 2 oF Projects coming soon !
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