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about us
The Ateneo Association for Communications Technology Management envisions itself to be recognized as the leading organization in the field of Integrated Marketing Communications within and beyond the Ateneo. Through its projects and services, the organization aspires to create a community of Integrated Marketing Communications experts who advocate creativity in the business setting.
our thrust
An empowered ACTM community that leads IMC-rooted efforts to generate high-level impact.
  • To serve as a community for all Communications Technology Management majors that gathers its members in the spirit of camaraderie through the efforts and opportunities presented by the organization;
  • To train and develop its members to become Integrated Marketing Communications leaders who believe in the value of strategic planning and creativity in business;
  • To conduct business guided by the principles of professionalism, insightful idea generation, and excellence within and outside the Ateneo.
our thrust
what we stand for
We believe in the
importance of empathy.
ACTM strives to uphold an environment that motivates creative thinkers, and is safe for whatever creative ideas they might produce. New ideas are what drive us all forward, and allow us to constantly improve the way we approach our work.
ACTM goes the extra mile to understand the feelings and context of our members, as well as the target market of the projects we promote. We strive to promote an environment that trains empathetic, socially responsible practitioners of Integrated Marketing Communications, who have the ability to frame ideas into stories that inform and inspire.
We believe that there is a
solid space for creativity
in the world of business.
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integrated marketing communications
Integrated Marketing Communications is the effective use of creative strategies to communicate a consistent, consumer-centric message to generate a desired effect to the consumer.
We assess our target market and place them at the center of all our efforts. Everything we do is tailored to them and caters to their wants and needs.
We come up with creative and innovative methods to get our message across.
We utilize different channels and avenues to reach our target market.
We align our methods to relay one singular message all throughout our efforts.
how do we practice our core competency?
the big idea
This is the clear, consistent, and compelling message we want to present in our organization’s various projects and initiatives. It’s a one-liner statement that encapsulates the experience and feeling we want to
bring to our target consumers.
how is imc seen in our efforts?
projects and initiatives
imc mondays
We build strong connections with the people around us through practicing empathy and understanding how we can best communicate effectively.
We highlight people’s interests and values through the application of IMC in our projects and initiatives.
We aim to educate external stakeholders on the importance and relevance of IMC in their lives.
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