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Co-presented Camp IMC with prestigious companies, which is Ateneo’s first and only Integrated Marketing Case Competition. Other collaborations include for Career Building Initiatives as well as other Organization Engagement Events.
Partner Companies
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Company Sponsors
Received support from prominent companies for the various events of the organization to further forward its core competency of Integrated Marketing Communications.
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Collaborated with established organizations in the execution of Pursuit, one of the biggest and most anticipated Career Building Initiatives in the university. Besides this, ACTM maintains long-term relations with the largest and top organizations from within and beyond the Ateneo.
Partner Organizations
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Make Meaningful Relationships
ACTM strives to create meaningful relationships with its partners by ensuring all terms are mutually beneficial to both parties. The association values long-term relations with its partners, thus making them a priority in the ACTM projects.
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Increase Brand Awareness
Through capitalizing Integrated Marketing Communications, the organization’s core competency, ACTM aims to maximize its expertise and networks to generate sales and increase brand awareness for its partners.
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Create Impact
ACTM is a community of competent business leaders that advocate for the integration of strategic planning and creative communications to make their consumers the priority. The organization is able to constantly navigate itself throughout the changing times with agility and flexibility. Through this, ACTM ensures that its projects and services remain relevant for its partners.
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