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Set foot in CTM Prepcourse 2021: Strive! We are thrilled and excited to have you all take part in this momentous event.

This year’s Prepcourse welcomes you to the CTM program, with the aim to help you set yourself in motion as you begin your college journey with us. Expect that you’ll be facing various challen
Ges as you go through three different sports. With the help of your coaches and fellow teammates, you will be fully equipped with the support, knowledge, and endurance needed to face the journey right in front of you.

Before we get things started, you’ve got to warm up! We highly encourage you to have this short dance break. Enj
Ready to test the waters. triathletes?

4s today marks the beginning of your long journey ahead, be prepared to dive and
immerse yourself in this grand opportunity to be acquainted with your new environment.

Just keep swimming!

Are you ready, triathletes? You are probably feeling nervous, excited, or perhaps both, but whatever you are feeling right now, they are all valid. As you are about to start this new journey, we hope that you know that we, along with the other upperclassmen, are here to constantly support you and equip you with what you need to continuously set yourself in motion as a CTM student.
Get your gears ready and churning, as the event is about to start! Remember to take a deep breath and calm your heart, as we will always be by the sidelines, cheering you on! As this year’s Prepcourse was made with you in mind, we truly hope you’ll take on this opportunity to immerse yourselves in the culture of BS CTM.
So go forth and hit your strides, triathletes! Remember to keep an open mind and understand that everyone starts from the same place. Don’t worry! Progress is still progress, no matter how small the steps you take seem to be.
Day 2

Freshman Testimonial: Ged Labrador, 2 BS CTM
Shiftee Testimonial: AD Santos, 3 BS CTM

Video by: Raffy Briones
Concept by: Project Heads

Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

Got all the clues?

Day 6
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