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ACHIEVE by Matthew Tiongco

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When the excitement of nurturing growth passes, and all the energy has been put into your work, the feeling of achieving growth feels liberating and satisfying, like you’re floating after getting this weight off your chest. To see your work in the real world and not just in your head is a feeling artists will always find joy in after a gruelling yet exciting process of creating art.


What’s really exciting about this process is the fact that you get to tell a story. I think many will relate to me when I say that we all have something that we want to bring to reality through our art. However, we sometimes may encounter things that prevent us from doing so. For me, it’s my perfectionism and how I go back to the drawing board whenever I see the smallest mistake. It even came to a point of not wanting to create altogether. I was telling myself that in order to achieve growth, you need to have no inadequacies in your creation.


However, I’ve found peace knowing that achieving growth in art IS seeing and acknowledging your inadequacies, because only when you go through doubts, apprehensions, and trial-and-error, do you truly feel the satisfaction of finishing your creation and achieving growth.

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Matthew Tiongco


4 - BS COMTECH | ACTM CC Graphic Designer

Matthew Tiongco is a creative director with 4 years of experience who specializes in Photoshop and 3D modelling. He is also a freelance thumbnail designer. 

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Have a question for him?

Ask him about it in our Zoom workshop UNPACK YOUR CREATIVE POTENTIAL on November 20, 2021 from 2-3 PM!

Open to all LS Undergraduate Students!

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