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Your Adventure Awaits

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Hey there! Welcome to the Ateneo and to CTM! Before anything else, take the time to ask yourself - what do you want to get out of college? Entering a new environment, I had so many expectations for myself. I wanted to put my best foot forward, get good grades, and fit in.

I soon realized that living up to these expectations only limited my experience of what was right in front of me. My laser focus in getting that A hindered me from chasing opportunities that would help me in my growth beyond academics. Trying to fit in stopped me from going out of my comfort zone and exploring what made me, me. It was one day in my sophomore year when I realized that college was not something that boxed me in - it was supposed to be something that helped me bring myself out. It’s a place to learn, to grow, and to be more fully you. It’s a time to challenge yourself and be comfortable with being uncomfortable. College is an adventure, and it is up to you to take it on.

One thing I learned throughout the years was that growth is a choice. We can only grow when we let ourselves do so - when we, despite our apprehensions or fears, take on these new, daunting opportunities. I’m happy that I was able to find a community that allowed me to do exactly that.

The Ateneo Association for Communications Technology Management (ACTM), in its unique position as both a home organization for CTM majors like us and a business organization that values strategy and creativity, was my support system as I moved beyond my ideas of what “college me” should be. ACTM gave me support and confidence as I worked to build on my skills and leadership and to contribute to the growth of the organization and the people in it. College will be challenging, so give yourself the time and space to try different things (to make friends and to get those A’s, too!). As you embark on this new journey, remember that growth starts when you go beyond yourself. As one of my favorite quotes goes, “We cannot become what we want by remaining who we are.” Run, and explore the places you haven’t been to before. Welcome change and embrace growth. Your adventure awaits! Cheering you on, Ange Valdez ACTM President S.Y. 2021-2022


All credits for the elements in the banner go to the rightful owners. Photos from Pinterest.

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