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The Subtle Art of Pursuing Hobbies

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

As your college journey unfolds, you’re probably thinking about all kinds of opportunities that will emerge during your stay. From performing in front of an audience to designing what you love, you must be wondering about all kinds of exciting things that college has to offer. Trust me, there are so many opportunities around us in our stay in Ateneo—you just have to be open to it!

Once you find an activity you are passionate about, explore that activity more! The moment you get hooked, you realize that your hobby has become an integral part of your life. Let us take a look at how the hobbies of these three individuals shape them to be the incredible people they are today.

We’ve got Joreen Bautista: A theatre actress who made her professional debut as the Alternate Kim of Miss Saigon U.K. Tour (2017-2019). She also sings in various events within Ateneo and around the Philippines.

Kristelle Bona: A graphic designer who is currently interning in two companies: Idea Pod Marketing and Velocity. She is also the Associate Vice President for Graphic and Production Design in ACTM.

Latisha Tan: A fashion designer who creates and designs beautiful pieces that aim to empower women. She also founded a sustainable clothing brand, By Latisha Studio, during the pandemic.

What is a hobby that you love to do?

Joreen: I absolutely love singing.

Kristelle: A hobby that I love doing is graphic designing!

Latisha: As a self-confessed workaholic, my hobbies revolve around my two passions—fashion and business.

How did your college journey help you develop this hobby?

Joreen: Singing has always been a part of my life but my college journey has heightened the value of this hobby of mine. I never knew singing meant this much to me until I experienced the busyness of college and found that I needed music to keep me sane. I also met people who shared the same passion in college. It became easier to keep myself connected to it as there were others - friends to grow in the hobby with. Because of this, in the midst of all the work and commitment college demanded, I found myself actually making time to keep my craft alive.

Kristelle: I’ve been in ACTM all throughout my college journey, specifically the Creative Communications Department. Although I wasn’t active back then, I was surrounded by passionate people who inspired me to try new things that I would eventually enjoy doing like graphic design! Eventually, I became more active last year [2020] and as a Creative Director, I was continuously challenged to try out different art styles I wasn’t familiar with. Fast forward to today, I still enjoy graphic design as both a hobby and a job. These experiences continue to develop my design skills and allow me to do what I love.

Latisha: Aside from the educational knowledge I have gained, my college years have allowed me to step out of my comfort zone like I never thought I could. I do owe this growth to the different kinds of people and experiences I have gained in my college years that inspired me to step out of my own boat. These inspirations have then translated and manifested themselves through the work I put out. No longer do I create as a mere pass time activity or consider my passion as a distressing hobby to achieve. Because I am inspired by these years, my works became a manifestation of its beauty and goodness.

Any tips for those who have a passion for your craft or those still on the hunt for one?

Joreen: Step one: pick something you enjoy or a skill you want to acquire. I’d want to leave you with this analogy to think about: When a baby learns to walk and falls a hundred times, it doesn’t stop and say “maybe walking isn’t for me”. With that, it might be unfair for you to tell yourself “this passion isn’t for me” just because you feel as if you do not succeed in it the first few tries. Keep giving it a chance. One day, it will love you back.

Kristelle: Don’t be afraid to try out something new just because of the possibility of failing! Just enjoy the process and good results will follow.

Latisha: Fashion is never an easy industry to be in. Actually, I believe no industry ever is. What makes the risk worth it is when you are personally fighting for your true passion and craft. Let your work speak of your love for your craft—at the end of the day, people love genuine authenticity. Every step is a risk but it becomes a pure joy when you know you were made for such passion. There is nothing to be afraid of if you are still unsure what your craft is. We all have our own timelines. Each of us is created with a passion engraved in our hearts from the very day we were born. Although some are still unsure, you can assess what talents you may have or ask the people around you what passion they noticed you might have. Every talent we possess is always connected to our purpose and passion here on Earth.

Having a hobby definitely enriches your life with the joy that comes from doing what you love. It helps you manage your leisure and academic time more productively as what Joreen experienced. It also lets you meet people with similar interests who can motivate you to constantly improve like what Kristelle and Latisha faced. Here, hobbies serve as an avenue to grow as both an individual and a community that captivates you on a personal level.

As you advance in your college journey, try to welcome things outside your comfort zone and find ways you can provide value because opportunities and inspiration surround us everywhere, you just have to take initiative to make a difference. At the end of the day, the possibilities for you are endless and it is never too late to start!


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