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You Inspire. We Create.

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

In this year’s COA RecWeek 2021: Sonder, the Ateneo Association for Communications Technology Management (ACTM) opens its doors once again to welcome a new batch of members for the school year. As an organization that exemplifies Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) in all our efforts, this year’s big idea “You Inspire. We Create.” took us in a significantly new and exciting direction that’s never been explored before. With a few short and simple words, what is the true message behind this statement?

You Inspire.

As the home organization for current and former CTM majors, we house a diverse set of individuals who value different things. From various interests to personal advocacies, all of these are accepted in ACTM with open arms. We’ve established an avenue and breeding ground for our members to freely express their passions, unleashing the unique individuality within them through creative means. Placing their visions at the forefront, our members are immersed in an environment of growth and personal development wherein they can shine and pursue what they hold close to their hearts through out-of-the-box thinking and inventive ideation.

For ACTM, ideas aren’t seen as ambitious, crazy, and challenging; rather, ideas are viewed as visionary, innovative, and daring. Anything you value is an opportunity for purposeful work.

We Create.

In line with the theme of fluidity, a single idea starts formless and goes through a constant motion—free to take its shape into anything imaginable. In Ateneo ACTM, we treasure even the simplest ideas and treat them like the beginning of something new. To bring this to life, it flows through a process filled with endless possibilities, multiple paths, and thrilling discoveries. It’s a process that may seem uncertain, but that’s the beauty of going through it with people by your side. As you begin your journey in the organization, you are accompanied by an inclusive community of people who also believe in what you stand for and will help you through every step of the way. We co-create with our members in the holistic process of developing a whirlwind of passions to leave a lasting impact.

Poster by Kristelle Bona | Concept by Aldous Tamonan

This community creates and builds with you. You’re in for a riveting and fulfilling ride with a support system throughout the journey ahead. As an organization that continuously advocates for creativity in the business setting, we always aim to empower our members by promoting personal artistry, innovation, and growth. Alongside equipping you with the necessary skill set on IMC, you’ll be given multiple opportunities to connect and interact with people who, just like you, are in the pursuit of making meaningful change.

Don’t be afraid to let your passions be heard. In your stay here, we’ll transform them into meaningful change that breaks boundaries, unlocks new territory, and inspires more people to do the same. Remember, all it takes is a tiny sprout to grow into something huge. Everything we create starts with you. What we value is what you value. What inspires us is what inspires you. What drives us is what drives you. Bringing you a home that moves beyond ideas—welcome to Ateneo ACTM. __________

All credits for the elements in the banner go to the rightful owners. Photos from Pinterest.

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