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The Value of Ideas: A Strategic Communications Department Spotlight

There is a hint of a very unique light in each of our minds. It’s too bad that in many environments, we are urged to shut it off.

I grew up in an atmosphere where excellence is expected. With that, a lot of my education was geared towards avoiding mistakes and finding “the right answer”. I thought it helped me find my way to great ideas; it only did the opposite.

Many think “logical perspectives” are the only key to unlocking a certain vision. Let me tell you a secret– realizations of a vision become even more powerful when you learn to embrace quirk, uniqueness, and creativity. This is exactly what the Strategic Communications Department altogether proved to me.

What made you choose to take up a leadership position in this department?

What I absolutely treasure in the Strategic Communications Department is the collaborative community I was given. They managed to build such a strong idea-generating culture where even the quirkiest and wildest ideas are heard. Now, I know we all have the same intention– to come up with the best outputs. But one can either approach this using merely a highly practical manner or using out-of-the-box thinking and collaboration. I wanted to be the latter. I wanted to give back and foster ideas in the very department that saw the value of my own. With that, I took the step towards leadership.

What makes your department special/stand out from the others?

What makes the Strategic Communications Department so special is but one statement always declared amongst its members– “Even bad ideas are welcome here!” In Strat, one is raised to remain unafraid of expressing their minds.

Not many see the value of ideas in the way this department does. What is even more precious in its culture is it does not stop at ideation. It looks consistently and creatively into the effective communication and placement of those ideas into systems that develop into action. It’s insane how much I have grown by merely immersing myself in its work!

Do you have any notable plans for your department for this school year?

In line with Ateneo ACTM’s mission and thrust, the Strategic Communications Department holds initiatives that aim for Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Development within the organization. As such, an initiative, IMC Deconstructed has opened with its very first Podcast featuring ACTM members and conversing about IMC.

This year, the department proudly announces the launch of its very first external IMC page– IMC Mondays. This initiative will blast a series of fun and educational material that aims to forward the teachings of IMC to a market beyond Ateneo ACTM. Upcoming this year is also the department’s very own case competition open to all ACTM members– IMC Activated. This initiative will provide them with mini activities and a case together with a partner company.

What unique learning opportunities can your department offer to its members?

I’d like to think of the Strategic Communications Department as the heart of ACTM’s executions towards premiering itself as a recognized IMC organization. Here, members are offered IMC education, IMC experience, and IMC application. Above this, the department is ready to offer its members the very sort of environment that allowed my ideas to shine and take flight.

Both ACTM and non-ACTM members alike can stay tuned to see what Strat’s IMC initiatives have in store for them. For in an atmosphere where creativity is fostered, even bad ideas are welcome. With that, I am inviting everyone to come unafraid and surprise yourself to witness how the hint of light grows from there. More than you do, Strat knows the value of your ideas.


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