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The Road Best Traveled

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Halfway through the first semester, you’ll be lucky if you can talk to any CTM major and pull out a wholehearted conversation out of them. The ongoing scramble to meet deadlines and finish midterms week strong has been slowly whittling away every sophomore’s spirit, forcing each to reflect upon their decision to take up the program in the first place. Why, indeed, did we choose Communications Technology Management, so blissfully unaware of the consequences that facing Financial Accounting brings? I ask this, and more, to three newly minted students of the program: transferee Sean Borrega who hailed from BS Petroleum Engineering, and shiftees Claui Pulvera who came from BS Management Engineering and Sophia Abejero who shifted from AB Interdisciplinary Studies.

What made you choose CTM?

For Sean Borrega, he realized that the engineering life wasn’t for him and sought Ateneo in the hopes of entering the business world. He was faced with two possible programs: BS MGT and BS MAC – though decided on a completely new path upon discovering BS CTM after watching YouTuber Alyanna Ross’s vlogs about her experiences in taking up the degree. Still, he needed one more push before he could fully commit, and that was how he stumbled upon the ACTM website. Joddi Chua’s words struck him, resonating with how BS CTM students weren’t sure about the career options they wanted to take. What he liked about BS CTM, most of all, was how it integrated Information Technology, Management, and Communications in one program, allowing its students to explore a multitude of opportunities out there.

On the other hand, Claui Pulvera chose BS CTM because of the community. From friends of friends, she would hear about how the students of the program were warm and welcoming. Add to that the extensive and creative curriculum that pooled all of her interests together, it was a no brainer for her to pursue the program.

Already taking the Management and Communication tracks in her previous program, Sophia Abejero believed BS CTM would best equip her in her job prospects after college. Along with her plan of enhancing her creative side and her skill set, the program offered her everything she would need in both the creative and management aspects of the business world.

What were the questions or worries you had about the program that Prepcourse was able to clarify for you, and how did it address these?

One worry they all had in common was how the program could hone their potential in self-improvement. Sean, wrestling with the idea that he could never apply creativity in ways BS CTM students usually would by partaking in hobbies like graphic design, found solace in the ACTM Strategic Communications Department’s practice of applying Integrated Marketing Communications in the ideation and strategy creation processes. It turned out that ACTM held inclusive spaces for and embraced people like him. The Plenary Session led by three CTM alumni helped Claui appreciate how the program equipped its students with different types of skills that could aid graduates venture into vastly distinct fields. With her future looking limitless, she was excited to have set herself in motion in the BS CTM program. Holding the same sentiments, Sophia also mulled over how immersing in the environment would be like.

All of these were different facets of the program that we, Prepcourse Project Heads, had taken into consideration, which were our guides in crafting the activities we held in the event!

How do you plan to maximize your stay here in BS CTM after everything you’ve learned so far?

Their answers echoed one another’s: be active in my home organization, ACTM! By contributing their talents to the organization, they would be able to take opportunities that simply focusing on academics could never provide. Another lesson they all learned in joining Prepcourse was the fact that every ACTM member was hospitable. Anyone in the organization would be enthusiastic in offering help so long as students would take the initiative to reach out. By being exposed to this network of talented individuals and a nurturing environment brimming with opportunities, any BS CTM student has the potential and the enriching support to become the best version of themselves.

Truly, as Sean had mentioned in our interview, “ACTM embodies CTM.” The organization provides the space for students to flourish and hone their skills even further. This, students can achieve, if they choose to “say yes to everything,” as Claui had intently stated. In taking the leap, they will find themselves in situations they could never have imagined, and grow in ways they could never have foreseen. Explore opportunities, reach for these ambitions, and lastly, as Sophia had imparted, “enjoy your stay in the program!


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