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Setting in Motion

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

It has been more than a week since this year’s Prepcourse concluded and as one-third of the Project Heads, it still feels extremely surreal. For this year’s event, not only did we want to welcome the freshmen, but to also make the project an avenue that encourages them to set in motion, by providing them with nurturing support systems and the necessary resources that will give them the confidence to start grabbing the opportunities coming their way.

Now that the project is over, I am very curious to hear from some of our amazing freshmen and their perspectives on their journey before, during, and after the project! With that, I asked what their initial understanding of the course was, how Prepcourse helped them get to know the program, and how it has set them in motion to go for their future prospects.

What was your initial understanding of BS CTM when you entered college?

“I feel like I had a really comprehensive understanding of CTM before college. I remember when I was applying for Ateneo, it was when ECQ started, so I had the time to research what I really wanted to take. My first impression of CTM was that it was such a diverse course, but it also focused on marketing itself. I also thought that it is a mix of creative and office work since people in CTM are very creative and at the same time they are very passionate about what they do.” (Kristina Alexandra Rodriguez, X3)

“I thought of CTM as a program that uses technology to communicate with others in the realm of businesses, so it involves marketing and a series of business communications with others, especially in the online setting.” (Jacob Miko Tan, X2)

“My first impression of CTM was that it was an artsy kind of course, and from there it caught my interest. Now that I am here in Ateneo as a student of the program, I discovered that it is also a marketing-related course, so I can get into advertising or public relations in the future. From there, I see CTM now as marketing but with a mix of creativity, so there is this creative side of marketing that is being explored in the course.” (Kleid Pedraja, X3)

Poster by: Anja Javier

Animation by: Jorel Guiab

Concept by: Caitlin Muñoz

How did CTM Prepcourse help you know more about the program and its opportunities for you? How did your facilitators and the resources help you in the beginning of your journey?

“CTM Prepcourse helped me mainly through the people. I remember I was anxious at first, but honestly seeing the upperclassmen tell their stories and having to witness the alumni give their testimonials, it helped me calm down, and I also feel it was such an effective way for the upperclassmen to encourage the freshies to work harder and collectively navigate their way through college.” (Kristina Alexandra Rodriguez, X3)

“I would say what I got the most out of Prepcourse was the approach of the CTM life in general. I remember in one of the speeches, it says that CTM is a very common place to step outside of your comfort zone, and personally I am still within that phase of adjusting to it, since my former high school felt quite sheltered in terms of environment, and coming here into Ateneo and to CTM, there is like a bombardment of things, especially in the extracurricular area. There is a lot to take in, but it is bringing me to that stage of stepping outside my comfort zone, though I would still have to take a bit more effort in order to develop this approach and my IMC skills as a CTM student.” (Jacob Miko Tan, X2)

“When it came to CTM Prepcourse, the talks really helped expand my knowledge and understanding about CTM and the career opportunities that are available for me in the future, but personally, what really stuck with me was the community aspect of the project. The opportunity we were given to build friendships and bond with our fellow coursemates really amalgamated into something wonderful since I felt that this is the community that I will be sharing the same passion with.” (Kleid Pedraja, X2)

Do you believe that Prepcourse has given you the confidence to set yourself in motion in grabbing the opportunities that are coming your way?

“I remember feeling so excited just seeing the collaterals with the triathlon theme since it made Prepcourse were very promising to start my journey as a college student, and hearing the stories and tips from the upperclassmen helped me become more optimistic of what’s there for me at the end of the finish line, but it really made me think if there really is one because CTM provides endless opportunities. Nevertheless, it is very promising and it makes me more optimistic about the future.” (Kristina Alexandra Rodriguez, X3)

“I felt the message it wanted to convey of stepping outside of our comfort zone and taking on these opportunities was very much there. It really helps give that push to take the initiative and it helped me personally to take this view a bit more into the extracurriculars. I feel a bit more keen in pursuing those new opportunities, especially with the environment that we have been able to foster in our group huddles. It gives the appealing grounds of CTM being like home, and that is something I look forward to developing with all of you.” (Jacob Miko Tan, X2)

“Definitely! To be honest, there is this hype factor that I experienced during Prepcourse, especially when I got to meet my coursemates. To add, I really love the definition of Set in Motion, but my personal take on it is that it gives this notion that we can already keep up with the CTM community. It’s fun knowing I already have “Ready! Let’s go!” mindset, so definitely I do have the confidence to grab on those opportunities coming my way.” (Kleid Pedraja, X2)

Getting to know their thoughts on their Prepcourse experience truly makes me feel fulfilled on how the freshmen feel confident, motivated, and optimistic towards what BS CTM has to offer in the future. I truly look forward to seeing them continuously set themselves in motion in their college journey as they grow in the CTM community.

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