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Letter to CTM Freshmen and Shiftees

Hey there, eager freshie/shiftee!

So you decided to go for ComTech, huh? Was it because you heard it was “in”? Or was it because you couldn’t decide between AB Communication and BS Management? Or maybe it was because you simply had no idea what you wanted to be, so you went for the most non-committal yet specialized-sounding course available?

I felt that way too. Such is the plight of a ComTech major—someone who’s either everywhere at once, or nowhere at all.

The funny thing is, I didn’t just feel that way during my freshman year; I felt that way all throughout my undergraduate stay. Heck, I still feel it now! If you think that cloud of confusion hovering over your head goes away, I have bad news for you: it doesn’t. It never really goes away.

“What kind of awful advice is that, you awful man?”

Hold your chops—read on!

While there didn’t seem to be an end in sight back when I was still an undergraduate, the ComTech community gave me a launchpad to explore myself. It showed me what I was good at, what I was horrible at, and an excuse to pretend I knew what I was doing (by the way, nobody ever really does).

The best part about being a ComTech major is in the details. You’ll passively develop yourself without even knowing it. You’ll follow tell-tale signs before even reading them. And you’ll want to change the world before you even learn how to walk.

No, it won’t be the best 4 years of your life. If this was the case, then what else is there to look forward to afterwards? I’ll tell you what it actually is: it’s preparation for the best years of your life.

So ride the waves, go against the current, and wipe out! There’s no better time to do it than now, no better place to do it than here, and no better way to do it than as a ComTech major.

Cheering you on, Joddi ACTM President Batch 2020

__________ All credits for the elements in the banner go to the rightful owners. Photos from Pinterest.

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