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Information Backbone: An Information Management Department Spotlight

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

In every organization, there is a backbone that supports the different structures, systems, and processes that make the organization perform more smoothly and efficiently, and in the Ateneo Association for Communications Technology Management (ACTM), the Information Management Department (IM) is exactly the force behind that. This department is more often than not referred to as the people behind the scenes, working tirelessly day-and-night to maintain and streamline the different gears (i.e. social media management, research and documentations, organizational evaluations, website management, etc.), all resulting in a more data-driven and systematic approach to the way we run the organization. But, what exactly makes the Information Management Department what it is?

For today’s article, our Website Administrators, Bea and Geanine, challenged me to put the Information Management Department in the spotlight in this tell-all!

What made you choose to take up a leadership position in this department?

Admittedly, the idea of the Vice President for Information Management position scared me at first. Coming from last school year as the Associate Vice President for Communication Networks (currently Social Media Management), I had no idea what the other sub-departments do. The thought of having to handle so many important facets of the organization daunted me at first, but having an amazing support system (shoutout to Chels, Angel, and Sabine,) coupled with a few frustrations (that eventually served as my driving force,) and my immense love and passion for not only IM but also ACTM, pushed me further to take on this higher role. It was definitely scary but very, very worth it!

What makes your department special/stand out from the others?

With data at the heart of it all, the Information Management Department is able to effectively utilize different concepts and principles of Integrated Marketing Communications to cater to our target market and continuously improve systems and processes throughout the years. This is done through market research surveys and analysis, evaluation reports, project summary reports, and project presentations that all assess organizational performance.

Are there any activities, initiatives, or events that your department has held so far in this school year?

On behalf of the Department Heads, we are immensely proud to say that the IM Department has just successfully launched its very first internal flagship event last week during ACTM’s Departmental General Assembly week — Reboot: Information Management Bootcamp 2021! We allowed our new Information Managers to experience the IM Department in its full glory through a series of case competitions, talks, bucket list challenges, and so much more! We would also like to thank our Information Management Pool (George, Kyla, Julia, Migo, Clarence, Anya, Pat, Jad, and Terry), and our dearest speaker and judges (Gella, Austin, and Chels) for making this event possible!

Do you have any notable plans for your department for this school year?

Aside from Reboot 2021, we also have a number of initiatives and pools to watch out for, such as the Content Sharing Initiative, where members will get a chance to produce content of their choice through research and to turn this content into visually appealing collaterals. We also have the Social Media Campaign Pool, where members will be able to grow their digital marketing skills and create content for the different social media platforms of ACTM - highlighting the culture and competencies of the organization. Lastly, we have our talented team of Content Creators and Creative Directors, collectively known as the Website Pool, who will produce the different articles you see in the ACTM Website! Aside from these, we are also looking into upskilling the talents of our members through year-long Training Pools to let our members further appreciate different skill sets and competencies in the IM Department.

This year, the Information Management Department envisions to reimagine the value it can provide to its members and the organization through our three-fold objectives: (1) to harness the power of technology in creating efficient, data-driven, and research-based systems and processes; (2) to communicate and heighten the value of the Information Management Department in ACTM, and (3) to activate growth-oriented, empowered, and involved Information Managers.

What unique learning opportunities can your department offer to its members?

Aside from practical and technical hard skills such as research, data analysis, insight and feedback generation, and social media management, you will also get a chance to learn soft skills such as organization, critical thinking, communication and presentation skills, and so much more.

Here in the Information Management Department, you can simply come as you are! We pride ourselves in a community that hones and trains our members to have a data-driven mindset and see the value in their work. With our member base of 60 Information Managers this school year, we are so excited and stoked to see how the IM Department will continue to grow this year!


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