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Beyond Budgeting & Excel Sheets: A Finance Department Spotlight

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

When people hear the word “Finance”, they usually stray away from it since it has this reputation of being intimidating and formally structured, and that is why I’m writing this article to prove you wrong. The Finance department, just like any other department, has its fair share of fun times in the work that they do as well. For instance, we usually go beyond the numbers tucked in our excel sheets as we’re also involved in catering to what the market needs as of the moment, and from there all the fun happens from reaching out to suppliers and curating sellable items to marketing it to the target audience. Indeed, the spirit of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) breathes through what the Finance department puts out there. Thus, for today’s article, get ready to be slipped away into my journey of being a FinMan, and how we put theFun in Finance”.

What made you choose to take up a leadership position in this department?

Back in freshman year, I honestly never envisioned myself signing up for an AVP position as early as sophomore year because I always thought it was too intimidating for me back then. However, when I got to interact more with my department heads that time, I realized that I won’t be doing all this alone. Rather, I will be constantly rooted and surrounded with a solid support system that will journey with me through the foggy abyss the school year holds. On top of that, I was especially allured by ACTM’s org culture wherein they will always root for your growth in all aspects, and I found this comforting to hear especially as a freshie who was still on the prowl for my path in college. Thus, I can say that taking that big leap was definitely worth it as I’m learning not only Finance-related aspects, but more about myself and the people around me as well!

What makes your department special/stand out from the others?

As I continue to work with my fellow department heads for Finance, I realized how the Finance department is such an underrated part of the organization. It holds so much potential and beauty in it by shining through behind the scenes of every project and for the flow of the organization as a whole. Finance is like the second leading man in a K-Drama. Though they don’t always get to be in the spotlight, they’re always there as that solid backbone when all else fails - ready to lash out what they can offer. Thus, for me, being in Finance is more than just the numbers; it offers a fulfilling learning experience that you can apply in your day-to-day life from the gamut of organizing your cash-on-hand in excel sheets and meeting with project heads to discuss their budget summary to ideating on possible ACTM Merch! Truly, Finance shines through and beyond the numbers.

Are there any activities, initiatives, or events that your department has held so far in this school year?

Currently, we are wrapping up our ACTM Merch project, which is very close to our hearts, together with my fellow department heads (Jake Ramos and Chesca Andaya) and the 4 Finance Managers, whom we were able to deploy for this project (Sandy Chen, Kamille Moreno, AJ Sarabia, and Latisha Tan) whose growth we’ve witnessed right from the start of the ACTM Merch project. Aside from that, we still have a lot in-store for the year such as the Jumpstart Initiative, where ACTM Members are given the opportunity to boost, develop, or jumpstart their entrepreneurial skills as it equips them with the necessary skill set they need to embody as future project heads or aspiring business owners. We also have the Fin-House Talk wherein participants will have the opportunity to learn about essential finance-related topics such as investing in the stock market, cryptocurrency, and many more. Moreover, we also plan to hold a Year-long Fundraising Initiative, where our Finance Managers are given the opportunity to ideate and generate possible income-generating activities for the organization and get a chance to earn for themselves! However, do note that these are just some of the initiatives that we plan to implement. The list still goes on as long as we are enlivened to our departmental vision, which is to practice sustainability and consistency in its revenue generation and processes, while giving value-adding opportunities that radiate towards the organization.

What unique learning opportunities can your department offer to its members?

I noticed that most of our new members joined Finance to learn more about budgeting, investing, and allocating funds which they find essential not just for the projects and initiatives of the organization, but also for their day-to-day routine. On top of that, they get to learn the different facets of finance in a university landscape, which can serve as a unique training ground for young adults who aspire to be financially literate. The Finance Department sets you on the ground of being with like-minded and strong-willed individuals, who are rooted in a greater cause. From there, you’ll never know, they might be your next business partner or your college best friend. Indeed, Finance is more than just its numbers and excel sheets.


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